Firefox 2.0 does Spell Checking

Not sure if you noticed, but Firefox2.0 RC2 shipped a week or two ago. The changes are pretty subtle for the most part. New icons, slightly different behavior for tabs and… well… some other stuff most users won’t notice. Not really major-version worthy, if you ask me.

… but wait. There’s one feature that makes it all worth while: Spell-checking in any web form! Holy cow, is this awesome! If you contribute to a blog, compose comments in forums, or write significant amounts of text in any web page for any reason, you’ll love this feature! For bloggers – WordPress users like me, especially – this just made your experience 10x better.

P.S. Does the Firefox logo here have an ugly baby-blue background? It shouldn’t, but that’s what you get for using IE. Yet another reason to use Firefox instead.

One Reply to “Firefox 2.0 does Spell Checking”

  1. Hey, I usually use Safari, but your post made me right-click in some form fields, and lo we have that feature too! It’s turned off by default, and it’s totally buried, but once you click “Check Spelling As You Type” in the context menu, it seems to apply to all fields of that type, in all Safari windows. Many thanks.

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