The Dog Ate Our Email

The White House has “lost” 5 million official emails over a 2 year period.

As much as I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow that this was unintentional, I simply cannot. The powers responsible for managing the information systems of the White House are fully aware of not only the historical need for information to be archived, but also of the legal requirements as stated in section 2203 of the Presidential Records Act.

For this catastrophic a failure in archiving to happen accidentally, either the failure would have go unnoticed for 2 years, or the process of archiving is only happening every 2 years. Both explanations are so unlikely as to not be worth considering. (For comparison my ISP – the company hosting this site, whom I pay the modest sum of $10/month – makes hourly, nightly, and weekly backups of all my data.)

Thus, I am forced to conclude that this is a criminal act. Someone needs to be held responsible and, frankly, I’m tired of that someone not being the parties currently in the oval office. This is simply the latest and most blatant affront from a lawless administration that believes they are above the law.

They are not. We must hold them accountable.

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