HP 5MP Service Manual

5mpIf you happen to own an HP 5MP Laserjet printer, than you’ll probably be interested in HP5MPServiceManual.pdf – the service manual for it. If you don’t, than let me explain …

In the center of the desk that my wife and I share sits one of these printers. It is easily the oldest piece of computer equipment I have, a dinosaur from a previous era of hardware manufacturing ethos. Unlike printers today – made simply as a vehicle for selling overpriced ink cartridges – this one is a tank, a frickin’ TANK, of a printer. It was made in the early 90’s and was built to last. It only prints in black and white at a measly 6 pages per minute, and at a paltry 600 dpi resolution, and it shows it’s age. The once cream color finish is yellowing with age and speckled with dust permanently embedded in it’s surface, and it’s covered with various notes I’ve scribbled on it with a Sharpie pen over the years to remind me what the various buttons and lights are for. But in the 15 years since I bought it, I’ve spent less than $80 on it, and printed well over 10,000 pages. And the print quality is as good today as was when I first bought it.

With broken down printers littering the curbs of our streets, waiting for the garbage truck to cart them away, this thing has come to hold an irrational place in my heart as it chugs along, outlasting one device after another in our household. In fact, the worst part of owning it has been the paucity of information available. Because of that, the service manual, above, is an incredibly useful document. But HP no longer makes it available, and I noticed that it’s no longer available anywhere else on the web either (according to Google at least). Which is why I’m publishing it here. A small act of digital charity for those fortunate to have one of these beauties sitting around.

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  1. That looks like the younger brother of my printer, an HP 4P Laser. Yellowed a bit from age, but still going strong!

  2. Thank You for making this manual available. It did get me started. With the continued help. I might just get my OLD “tank” running again.

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