The Online NPR Station Map

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A nearly comprehensive mapping of all the National Public Radio Stations broadcasting around the U.S.

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Who are you?
Just a guy with a website and some programming skills. I have a blog that may or may or may not provide a better answer.
Comments or questions ....
... should be left on my NPR Station Map blog entry
I want to see stations in my area first!
Drag the map to center it over the area you are most interested in - stations nearest the center of the map are always shown first.
How do I bookmark/send a link to my city?
Again, simply zoom and center the map until it displays the area you are interested in. The Current Location link will always point to the current map view. For example, here are my local stations.)
What do the icons mean?
Do you have this data in KML/JSON/CSV format? ... some other format?
Yup. You can now access the raw data for this map using any of the following links: If you're interested in other formats, feel free to write me. However, I'll be much more receptive if you provide PHP code that I can integrate into my existing data feed script, since I don't have a lot of time to devote to this thing. If you want to hack around with the script, the dataset can be found here, and the formatting script is here.
Why build this?
I got tired of never being able to find the local NPR station that carried "Car Talk" while on a road trip. Sure, there's the The NPR Radio Map but this seemed like a fun little project that people might find useful.
Where's the data come from?
The raw data comes from the NPR Station List (PDF). The lat/lon coordinates for each city were obtained by running that list through the Batch GeoCode Tool (which uses the Yahoo Geocoding APIs). Links to radio information use the Radio Locator. Finally, information about power output was pulled from the FCC Radio Database.
Can I use this on my own site?
Absolutely, as long as you attribute this site ( and publish any modifications you make. If you need further clarification, I can be reached at [email protected].