“Will it Blend?”

Another quick goodie – If you haven’t seen BlendTec Blender’s “Will it Blend?” videos, they’re pretty entertaining. Probably one of the better viral marketing campaigns out there – creative, interesting, not too pretentious, a bit campy… I’m sure they’d be a smashing success if it weren’t for the punchline: The darn things cost $400-$825!

Meez Avatars

Here’s a mildly interesting little tool. Meez.com lets you (pretty easily) create a cartoon avatar and embed that most anywhere you’d like. For example, this little guy on the right here is my spiritual online self – Receding hairline, Charlie Brown t-shirt, old-school jeans, and flaming converse hi-tops (and, yes, I actually own a pair just like that!). With a bit of zen thrown in.

Fun stuff.

Firefox 2.0 does Spell Checking

Not sure if you noticed, but Firefox2.0 RC2 shipped a week or two ago. The changes are pretty subtle for the most part. New icons, slightly different behavior for tabs and… well… some other stuff most users won’t notice. Not really major-version worthy, if you ask me.

… but wait. There’s one feature that makes it all worth while: Spell-checking in any web form! Holy cow, is this awesome! If you contribute to a blog, compose comments in forums, or write significant amounts of text in any web page for any reason, you’ll love this feature! For bloggers – WordPress users like me, especially – this just made your experience 10x better.

P.S. Does the Firefox logo here have an ugly baby-blue background? It shouldn’t, but that’s what you get for using IE. Yet another reason to use Firefox instead.

Jonathan Coulton – Code Monkey

Wow, here’s another one of those “God, I love the Internet!” moments. Long story made short: While searching for artwork for some screen mockups I’m working on, I stumbled across Jonathan Coulton‘s website.

Jonathan is a post-dot-com, troubadour whose music blends clean, crisp melodies with lyrics that are interesting, quirky, funny, and about a dozen other things! One of, maybe, two artists that I’ve heard that are creative enough you almost need to read along with the song. The lyrics are that cool. For example:

  • Code Monkey – An anthem for today’s computer grunt. Here, check out the video:
  • Skullcrusher Mountain – A lovely little ditty that’ll have any nearby women running for the hills
  • Millionaire Girlfriend – I mean, after all, don’t we all just want one?
  • That Spells DNA, Mandelbrot Set – Funny, moving songs about two of the driest, most humorless, subjects imaginable (thus proving Jonathan can, and apparently will, sing about anything!)
  • First of May – Sounds innocent doesn’t it? It’s not. 😉

… and, well, just check out his songs and play one at random – I guarantee you’ll find it worth the effort.

Also, if you’re interested in what the future of the music industry looks like (once the RIAA dies the fiery death they deserve), Jonathan’s site is a great example of how musicians can/should be leveraging the internet to promote their music. Rather than advertising and marketing, he gives away a few of his songs for free, charges $1/song for the others, and hosts his “Thing a Week” RSS feed, in which he provides a song a week. (Unfortunately he’s just wrapped up a year’s worth of TAW, so it’s not clear if he’ll be continuing with that.)

Check it out, and if you like his stuff drop some change in his tip jar.

Update: ‘Just donated $20… which is probably nowhere near enough for great stuff like this..