The Great Nordeen 2005

Every winter Central Oregon hosts the Great Nordeen x-country ski race. On a whim I decided to compete this year. And by “compete”, I mean “try to finish”. They intially offered both a 42K and a 30K course and I opted for the shorter of the two. This seemed like the wisest course since I hadn’t actually tried skate-skiing until two days before the race. However, because of the spectacular weather we’ve been having a lot of the snow melted and they decided to not run the 42K option.

Anyhow, it was fun and I’d post a picture, but the one photo anyone took looked about like you’d expect a slightly out-of-shape, 2nd day on skis sort of skier to look. I.e. not very flattering. And *whups* by the time I got around to doing this blog, they’d deleted the picture. Too bad.