Cougars & Coyote Poop

Some local news has got me thinking about what it’s like to own pets here in Central Oregon. Specifically, a cougar killed a dog about 2 miles from where we live recently. And oh, by the way, did you know that a cougars range is typically 10-30 square miles? Now isn’t that comforting.

And this follows on the heels of the deliciously macabre Mr. Meepers Incident. Any story that refers to a Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix as “coyote poop” gets high marks for quality journalism.

My point being that with the much closer proximity of wildlife here (speaking of which two rabbits are chasing eachother around outside the office window right now – ah, spring love!) there are certain considerations we have to deal with now that we are no longer walking to the Diamond Corner Cafe in San Francisco. With news like the above in the papers you sort of wonder what you’re going to run across.

So when Chris and I are hiking on the trails around here, I have to confess that having a rather tempermental 60lb pit-bull mix scouting out the trail ahead does add a certain peace of mind. Not that Roni would be any help – she is after all a complete wuss when it comes to anything new or unexpected – but at least she keeps the really vicious ground squirrels at bay.