Category: Cycling

  • Life is Good

    Dashiell Robert Kieffer 8.44 lbs, 21″, Born March 27, 9:54pm. Life’s good, friends. Life is very good.

  • Cyclists, Drivers, and Vigilantes

    July 4th weekend saw a pretty horrific encounter between a driver and two bicyclists in Los Angeles. The residents of the community involved are upset about how cyclists have come to make driving difficult, cyclists are in an uproar about the outrageous behavior of the driver, the police are involved, and it’s starting to garner…

  • NAHBS Photos

    Just wanted to share a little bike porn eye candy with you folks. I went to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show a few months back and took the following photos. The best part is, NAHBS is coming to Portland next year. ‘Can’t wait!

  • Last Summer Blast

    I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in Bend there is a palpable sense of summer (and even fall?) drawing to a close. We’ve already had a couple nights where it’s dipped into the 20’s, and the week before last had a definite bite to it: cool days, overcast skies and…

  • Pole, Pedal, Paddle Serendipity

    Our first ever visit to Bend happened to be the day they ran the 2004 Pole, Pedal, Paddle race. Our friends took us down to the amphitheater where the racers were finishing and we strolled around the booths looking at energy bars, racing clothes, and active footwear. All while enjoying the spicy scent of damp…