Shelves, Part II

Hey, the shelves are done! Check ’em out →
Total cost: ~0
Total time: ~10 days
It’s always fun building this sort of stuff. On the surface, they’re nothing special since the knotty pine is inherently not a high-quality wood. Nor did I go to great lengths to get a smooth finish. But I’m pleased with the end result. Unlike most furniture you find these days, which looks good but will only last for a couple years (basically until you have to move it, at which point all the joints will fail), this shelf will probably outlast me, if it’s predecessor is anything to go by (a bookshelf my dad and I built 17 years ago using basically the same material and technique).

2 responses to “Shelves, Part II”

  1. Nice! How did you do the joins for the vertical pieces? Screws? Dowels and glue?

  2. All the joints are “dado” joints (fig. 16 here), just glued along the entire length. Uh, that picture shows how the shelves meet the side pieces – rotate it 90° for how the vertical dividers are joined. Note that where the shelves meet the side boards, they are also held in with two brass screws. I did this in part for looks, and also to aid in the glue-up since I don’t have any 6′ clamps. The screws don’t really add any strength once the glue has dried since they are threaded into end-grain.