Pimpin’ the Crib!

Done!  $200 worth of soft maple, 100-150 hours of work, a couple custom carvings by yours truly, topped with three coats of tung oil finish… I’m darn pleased with the result.  It turned out much better than it had any right to (especially the carvings, since this is the first time I’ve tried my hand at wood carving!  The “K” on the front gate is a little faint, but the texture of the negative space actually looks/feels really neat.)

Big thanks to my dad for his design ideas and for shaping all the slats!


4 responses to “Pimpin’ the Crib!”

  1. Very, very cool. One thing: don’t get disappointed if Dashiell won’t want to sleep in it. We had two cribs for Nadia (bought, I’m not as talented as you) and Nadia refused to sleep in them. She even figured out how to climb out. She still sleeps with us.

  2. It is a crib fit for a prince (soon to be king)! Your love shows through in your beautiful work. The lillies remind me of your grandmother’s art. I know you must be very proud… and you should BE!!!!!

    Our love…. Ginny, CP, Connie and Dixon

  3. Wow! That came out great! Before you know it Dashiell will be out of the crib and into a Big Boy bed. Given all the time you put into the crib, you better get working on it’s second occupant 🙂