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  • The Bully In Me

    One of the more insidious problems with raising a kid is that it forces you to revisit past sins, however small. I recently read a collection of stories from people relating encounters they’d had with bullies from their past. It gave me pause as I considered what lessons I need to teach my son about […]

  • Career Advice

    ‘Found myself commenting on a Facebook post asking for what career advice people would give to college grads looking at careers in web development.  I took a quick stab at it, and was surprised enough at how well it came out I thought I’d post it here: If you have the opportunity to work in […]

  • A Proposal For Enacting Firearms Accountability

    In the U.S. there are 235 million adults ( … who collectively own 270M guns ( … 57 million of whom suffer from a diagnosable mental illness ( I posted the above on my Facebook page shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting. With so much heated and distorted rhetoric around guns, I wanted to capture […]

  • Freedom of Speech .vs. The Right To Be Heard

    “Ender’s Game” is a Hugo-award winning sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card.  And deservedly so – I loved it, and enjoyed all five of the follow-on novels he wrote in the Ender universe. But Card is also a well-documented opponent of homosexuality and gay marriage – a moral stance that I find abhorrent and hypocritical.  And he’s getting worse as […]

  • Facebook .vs. Blogging

    The frequency I post on this blog has really tapered off since I started working at (and using) Facebook.  That makes me a little said.  Evidence would suggest that Facebook has surplanted this space, but the nature of my Facebook posts is tangibly different from what I post here.   My blog has always felt […]

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