Category: Musings

  • The Seagull’s Cry

    It’s snowing this morning.  Real, honest-to-god, sticking-to-the-ground, snow.   I wasn’t expecting it but there it is, a light dusting just beginning to accumulate.  It will be the first snow our son has ever seen or touched, and so today will be special.  Or so I hope once he wakes up.  Right now he is asleep…

  • 2nd Amendment… amendment

    You can protect yourself with a gun…  well, maybe not so much.

  • Me a wuss? Yeah, pretty much

    So, next time you see me out riding my bike and I come to a stoplight and do my little “look at me, I’m stopped, but not putting my foot down!” track-stand trick, just remind me of this video and call my out for the wuss that I am, okay?

  • Postmark Hacking

    Ever wished you could post-date a letter or envelope (or tax return)??? Turns out David Malki, who pens the very worthy Wondermark online comic, has been experimenting with the Automated Postal Centers.  Apparently the post office hasn’t figured out that, to some people (like the IRS and landlords), the distinction between when a stamp is…

  • On Garage Sales

    ‘Don’t know why, but I’ve been scoring at garage sales this summer.  The tally so far … Dell 1720 laser printer ($5) – My favorite find so far, was this little gem tucked in amid the usual computer detritus that seems mandatory at yard sales. In among the keyboards, mice, and floppy disks was this…