Category: Musings

  • Yike Bike Thoughts

    My mother-in-law just pointed me to the Yike Bike, a “A radical new electric bicycle … expected to transform the way urban commuters navigate congested cities.” And I have to admit, it looks really cool! … or really stupid.  I can’t decide which. My first thought was, “Why would you make a carbon-fiber tricycle,” because that’s […]

  • Consumerism 2.0

    Like the good, responsible, post-millennium, Gen-X, yuppies my wife and I are, we try to do our part not to be too conspicuous in our consumption.  But, boy, sometimes it’s pretty damn difficult. Take, for example, our cell phones.  They’re old and beat up but they work well enough, except the batteries are toast; gotta […]

  • Kid-toons

    Keeping to my theme of, “‘Loving Fatherhood, but Not Getting Gushy About It”: And, yeah, I don’t know why they don’t have this stuff on the Cartoon Network either.

  • Sharpe’s Review

    I used to consider myself a voracious reader, back when I was in my teens and twenties.  I devoured science fiction at a pretty good rate.  However as I’ve gotten older I am reading less and less.  The problem, largely, is that I simply don’t have the stamina I used to.  Most of my reading […]

  • Art & The Nebbish

    I just stumbled across Kelly Lasserre’s art blog.  Her work is fun and pleasant.  Some is cute, some quirky, some just is what it is.  It has a delightful childlike quality. Which reminds me of when I was young, trying my own hand at drawing, and how plagued I was by the little voice in […]