Category: Musings

  • The Poverty Threshold

    Five years ago I blogged about a phenomenon Andy and I had termed, “The Aristocracy Threshold“, and that I later learned was more commonly known as wealth condensation.  It is a formalization of the “the rich get richer” adage, and in terms of daily mind candy it’s pretty attractive.  It is the carrot that drives […]

  • The Aging of the Funnies

    I found myself staring at the fine-print on the comics in today’s edition of the Bend Bulletin, our local paper – things like the date, the syndicated company, and the name of the artist.  Curiously, that latter bit of info – the artist – turns out to be different from the creator a fair amount of the […]

  • DIY Whiteboards and Corkboards

    Over at TechSpaceBend, we needed to put up some whiteboards and corkboards.  Big ones like you’d have in an office, not the little ones that decorate your kids room at home.  The only problem is that TSB is a non-profit with little/no funds availble, and these things tend to be a bit pricey.  A 6′ X […]

  • Reverse Image Searches w/

    A reverse image search is probably not something many people will have a need for, but if you do, is an incredibly useful tool.  Point TinEye at a picture (either a URL or upload one), and it returns a list of all the places on the web that use a similar image. This recently […]

  • National Beard and Mustache Championship

    A. The Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships are being held here in Bend, OR in a few weeks. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know.  But it’ll make for some fun news headlines, I’m sure. B. My money is on this guy for the Freestyle category: