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  • Facebook .vs. Blogging

    The frequency I post on this blog has really tapered off since I started working at (and using) Facebook.  That makes me a little said.  Evidence would suggest that Facebook has surplanted this space, but the nature of my Facebook posts is tangibly different from what I post here.   My blog has always felt […]

  • What if …

    Watching the Curiosity landing last night I was in awe of the technical accomplishments on display, of course.   However in the subsequent press conference(s) I was also struck by just how desperately political our space program has become. NASA is continually fighting for it’s budgetary life and the symptoms of this are evident in just about […]

  • Past-her-prime celebrity dies after years of self-destructive behavior. Shocking.  Any chance we can skip the hollow eulogies about talent and brilliance, take as given the in-fighting over whatever estate is left, and move on to something more interesting?  Not hardly. Apparently dealing with fame is harder than finding it. Getting it right: Angelina Jolie, Johnny […]

  • How Not to Have Your Bike Stolen (Hint: Don’t Lock It!)

    It’s been over a decade since I’ve had a bike stolen. I’ve developed a few habits that have helped prevent this; I don’t leave my bike in high-risk areas and I don’t lock my bike up in the same spot all the time, for example.  But by far the best one is that I avoid […]

  • SOPA Author Still Violating Copyrights?

    [Updated 1-16-12: Both photographers mentioned below have confirmed they did not give Congressman Smith permission to use their work (see comments).  In a not-coincidental move, Smith’s website has been updated to remove the offending content.] In The Author of SOPA is a Copyright Violator Jamie Taete accuses congressman Lavar Smith of violating the very law he’s pushing through […]