Category: Musings

  • Katy Perry’s 15 Seconds of Fame

    One of the amusing perks of working at Facebook are the not-infreguent celebrity sightings.  Once a month or so some noteratti will stroll through the offices, getting “the tour”.  For example a couple months back I was sitting at my desk when I heard a palpable buzz among my coworkers, and noticed them starting to […]

  • Lessons To Learn

    Having a kid is an enlightening experience in many ways.  One of the unexpected benefits for me has been how it brings into focus my own shortcomings, both current and past.  The process of asking, “What can I teach my child?  What are the really important life lessons they need to learn?” requires introspection, and […]

  • Reading Library EPub Books on a Kindle

    Our local Library uses the OverDrive Library Reserve System to make online content available to its patrons.  This includes, among other things, the ability to “reserve” and “check out” e-books.  While cool in concept, it’s rather problematic for Kindle owners, because the books are only available in EPub format, which Kindles don’t support. So what […]

  • Sharing Secrets

    If this is a democracy, and I still believe that it nominally is, then if the government kills people, then I’m killing people and I object to the damage that does to my soul. I think it diminishes us as a people, and as a nation and I’m opposed to it on those grounds. Steve […]

  • Sewn and Quartered

    ‘Just thought I’d share a little mom-love today.  I’ve blogged before about the sewing machine I picked up a few months ago, but what I haven’t shared is that of all the tools I’ve bought through the years this machine is quickly becoming my favorite.  Part of it is the unexpectedness of it – I’ve […]