Category: Musings

  • Ephemerality

    One of the downsides of a career in software is that it’s actually pretty rare for anything you write to last more than a few years. Hardware goes obsolete, operating systems get upgraded, apps and companies fall out of favor, domains expire, standards change. Our entire professional world is… ephemeral. So it’s nice to occasionally […]

  • The Bully In Me

    One of the more insidious problems with raising a kid is that it forces you to revisit past sins, however small. I recently read a collection of stories from people relating encounters they’d had with bullies from their past. It gave me pause as I considered what lessons I need to teach my son about […]

  • Career Advice

    ‘Found myself commenting on a Facebook post asking for what career advice people would give to college grads looking at careers in web development.  I took a quick stab at it, and was surprised enough at how well it came out I thought I’d post it here: If you have the opportunity to work in […]

  • A Proposal For Enacting Firearms Accountability

    In the U.S. there are 235 million adults ( … who collectively own 270M guns ( … 57 million of whom suffer from a diagnosable mental illness ( I posted the above on my Facebook page shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting. With so much heated and distorted rhetoric around guns, I wanted to capture […]

  • Freedom of Speech .vs. The Right To Be Heard

    “Ender’s Game” is a Hugo-award winning sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card.  And deservedly so – I loved it, and enjoyed all five of the follow-on novels he wrote in the Ender universe. But Card is also a well-documented opponent of homosexuality and gay marriage – a moral stance that I find abhorrent and hypocritical.  And he’s getting worse as […]